1. Mackerel


    Points: 1

    Holy Mackerel- 1st post!

  2. Squid


    Points: 2

    You have posted Five times, Everyone loves Calamari

  3. Sting Ray

    Sting Ray

    Points: 5

    You have 25 posts , Stung by Chumming Bug!

  4. Flying Fish

    Flying Fish

    Points: 10

    You have posted 50 times -you are the Top Bait - A Blue Chum Flyer!

  5. Your special!

    Your special!

    Points: 10

    69 Likes! Its just a good number(some times)

  6. Flounder


    Points: 15

    Its no Fluke! You are now a fish!, 100 posts reached.

  7. Striped Bass

    Striped Bass

    Points: 20

    200 Posts , Great Job Chummer!

  8. Wahoo


    Points: 50

    Wahoo 500 posts, No Diet needed , You are a Skinny!

  9. Yellowfin Tuna

    Yellowfin Tuna

    Points: 75

    500 posts! This is for you Charlie!

  10. Blue Marlin

    Blue Marlin

    Points: 100

    2000 Posts -a "Chummer of a lifetime"

  11. Giant Bluefin Tuna

    Giant Bluefin Tuna

    Points: 200

    5000 Posts! Legendary status

  12. Megladon


    Points: 500

    You are a myth, a legend! -10000 posts!


  14. RonZ


    Points: 1

    Someone likes your post!

  15. Jig


    Points: 5

    You are getting Jiggy with it!

  16. Popper


    Points: 10

    Your posts are poppin'!

  17. Swimming Lure

    Swimming Lure

    Points: 10

    You are getting popular!

  18. Stella


    Points: 10

    Your posts are stellar!

  19. Big Time

    Big Time

    Points: 20

    Going for the big ones!

  20. Jigging Reel

    Jigging Reel

    Points: 20

    You are a good thread jigger!

  21. Super Cow

    Super Cow

    Points: 50

    In the Elite club!

  22. Googan

  23. Poop


    Points: 0

    Been stepping in too much poop lately?

  24. Internet fishing

    Internet fishing

    Points: 0

    Some people out there say this ,but we know you may be just getting perpetually skunked.

  25. Skunked


    Points: 0

    No Biggie , you may just of had a tough day fishing