06/15/15 Update: Hey folks- We arrived at our destination on the ridge a...

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    06/15/15 Update:

    Hey folks-
    We arrived at our destination on the ridge about 1100am and driving in here we were pretty bummed out about the water conditions. The sea surface temp had dropped 5 degrees from last trip and went from cobalt blue to a shade of green. Instantly my mind was racing about where we needed to go to find the tuna which is usually associated with warm blue water. Since we were already here though we needed to keep it honest and upon getting close to the shallow the sonar lit up! Both yft and yellowtail were still here and in full force! As soon as we go the anchor down it started biting. At some points in the bite we had everyone on the boat hooked up at once! Incredible fishing and a huge relief to know this fish weathered the water change. That just goes to show you always need to have your sonar on and the binoculars out no matter where your at because this fish could be anywhere.

    The current died late afternoon and so did the bite but we were still able to keep at least one on the line at all times. After dinner we re-positioned the boat and around 2200 the yellows started biting the dropper loops. Every drop was a bite for the anglers who still had the energy to fish. We ended up with easy limits of Yellowtail and Yellowfin tuna for the day and we are going to camp out and see if we can't finish up tomorrow with our school size fish and leave a little room for trophy hunting later in the trip. Wish us luck! Oh yeah, and the is flat calm to boot. We enjoyed a delicious shrimp stuffed Yellowtail prepared by chef Stan. We will check in tomorrow hopefully with another great report.

    -Shogun Crew

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