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    Clarion Island is one of the major destinations for Long Range 11+ day trips from San Diego on the Hunt for Large yellow fin tuna and Wahoo. Just over 900 miles from San Diego and 400 miles from Cabo, The Clarion Buffer zone is world renowned for its World Record quality Yellow fins pushing 400+lbs. The only inhabitants on Clarion are the Mexican Navy which maintains a very small base/weather station. Fisherman are required to check in with them prior to fishing the Island and Buffer zone.

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    Isla ClariĆ³n
    , formerly called Santa Rosa, is the second largest, westernmost and most remote of the Revillagigedo Islands (part of Mexico, specifically the state of Colima), located 314 kilometres (195 mi) west of Socorro Island and over 700 kilometres (430 mi) from the Mexican mainland.
    It has an area of 19.80 square kilometres (7.64 sq mi)[1] and three prominent peaks. The westernmost and tallest peak, Monte Gallegos, is 335 metres (1,099 ft) high. The central peak is called Monte de la Marina, 280 metres (920 ft), and the eastern peak Pico de la Tienda 292 metres (958 ft). The coasts are backed by perpendicular cliffs, 24 to 183 metres (79 to 600 ft) high, with the exception of the middle part of the southern coast in the vicinity of Bahia Azufre (Sulphur Bay), which is the location of a small military garrison manned by 9 men.
    Two small and at least temporarily brackish pools are the only source of freshwater; even these may dry up in 2 summers with little rain.

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