About The Hurricane Bank-Shimada Seamount

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    Discovered by commercial tuna fishermen half a century ago, Hurricane Bank has become a prime focus of winter and spring long range trips after the closure of fishing near the Revillagigedos Islands since San Benedicto, Socorro, Roca Partida and Clarion were made a preserve in 2002. The Hurricane Bank is about 1100 miles from San Diego and takes about 4 days of straight travel for the long range fleet. The Seamount is located about 400 miles from Cabo and 180 miles west of Clarion Island.

    The Hurricane Bank is an extinct undersea volcanic formation that rises from thousands of feet below the surface to a high point of just 28 feet below surface level. This giant undersea mountain creates a huge ecosystem which is populated by large yellowfin tuna ,wahoo and an active shark population. The largest yellowfin ever landed by an angler was caught here in November 2012 -445lbs by angler John Petruesca aboard the Excel.

    When you first approach the area, you think you are in the middle of the ocean- which you are. There is nothing visible except you will notice a drastic increase is sea and bird life as you approach Hurricane Bank as well as an occasional commercial seiner.

    Many times you will see large yellowfin tuna making frequent aerial displays going after their favorite Hurricane Bank forage- the flying fish.

    Currently on the 12 plus day trips - the Hurricane Bank is probably the most fished spot for Large Yellowfin with Clarion Island a close second.

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