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    It is very easy to Add pictures for your threads on this forum.
    There are basically two ways :

    1-If you have a One or a couple pics:

    pics 1.png

    Just open up your picture file on your computer and drag and drop the pics into the post. You will see the photos attach underneath with a option for thumbnail or full image.
    Just put the cursor where you would like the pic to be in your post and hit full image and it will appear in that spot. If you have a hi resolution pic you will most likely have to resize the pic to under 800 pixels to have it attach

    2-If you have a lot of pics:

    pics 2.png

    My Suggestion would be to write the post first. Then click on "upload a file" and find the folder where your pics are located on your computer. Then just click on all the ones you would like in your post and upload them. You can upload all of them at once. No need to do One pic at a time. You can upload up to 50 pics per post. Then just put the cursor where you would like a certain pic to be in your post and click on full image of that pic. Once again size of the pic is important 700 pixels is optimal.

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