Baja Lower Banks and The Ridge

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    Fall 8-11 day trip will often take a look at the areas called the Lower Banks off Baja California. Many of these areas off Magdalena bay and south to Cabo sometimes plays host to epic fishing on cow sized Yellowfin Tuna - Primarily in the mid to late fall months. A year that will go down in lower bank infamy, 2005 , saw record catches of the over 200 lb yellowfin come from these banks including the Thetis Bay, Potato, Morgan, Tussant, and Finger Banks . That year saw a catch of over 2000 of the big yellowfin's with many coming from the lower banks region. In many other years, the larger yellowfins are not present in big numbers on the banks with some years having no catches of the bigger tuna.
    Every year a couple boats take a exploratory look at the lower banks around mid fall and sometimes are able to locate the bigger tuna.

    The Ridge:
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    Summer and Fall 6-10 day trips frequently will make a stop fishing the "Baja Ridge"
    these areas such as the "13 Spot and 23 Spot" are usually home to school sized yellowfin, medium yellowtail , wahoo , grouper and other assorted bottom fishes. There are many spots in the Ridge Zone. Alijos Rocks is offshore of the Ridge as well.
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