Ballyhood Wahoo High speed trolling lures catch 100lb plus wahoo!

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    Here are some HI-SPEED trolling tips on catching wahoo—you will catch MORE wahoo at 7-10 knot boat speed –but at 14-25 knots they will almost always be BIGGER !! that’s why the tournament guys are trolling faster and faster—
    They are only looking for that one BIG FISH -!
    Depending on the ocean conditions and the boat speed you want HI SPEED -- WAHOO LURES to run as STRAIGHT - as possible ! less bounce the better --so drop them back back back until they settle in -- wahoo Whacko 0-10 knots ----wahoo Express 0-14 knots ---14 oz. '' Rattlehead 0-14 knots ---- 32 oz. ‘’ Banchee’’COWBELL’’ lure - -- will go up to 20 knots Banchee Supreme (48 oz.)–up to 25 knots ! All the ballyhood wahoo lures troll just fine at normal speeds 6-10mph -- you have the option to go faster if you want to !! ! so drop em in the water the minute you leave the dock -- troll out to the fishing area - When you get to the area your going to work --leave the wahoo lure in that long position -put out your normal spread—it will sink down -troll it while you are there –when ready to come back- pull out your normal spread and go ! troll it all the way back !! Always some thing in the water ! You can’t out run any thing --if they want it they’ll come and get it -- not only wahoo but tuna -- dolphin/dorado—marlin - !! NO TROLLING WEIGHT REQUIRED !! -- all have polished stainless steel heads –and rigged with stainless steel cable --
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    Ballyhood Lures have won 41 tournaments --- replacement skirt kits are available ---

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