Beach Haven Captains Ready For Striped Bass

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    Right now there are three targets for the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. With the black sea bass season re-opened, bottom fishing is now a viable option with some nice catches of porgies and blackfish mixed in with the sea bass. The offshore bite on tuna continues to be very strong when the boats are able to make the trip to the canyons with the unpleasant weather conditions slowing action down. Finally, the boats are ready for the arrival of striped bass from the north although the action has not gotten hot yet.

    Captain Fran Verdi has been out on the reefs and inshore wrecks looking for black sea bass, and his anglers have not been disappointed. Despite fishing through some large swells, he managed to put some real nice hump backed fish into the cooler for some good eating.

    Some of the BHCFA captains have taken advantage of the opportunity to obtain a supply of bonus tags from the state for striped bass. The current regulations call for one striper from 28-43 inches and one fish over 43-inches. A bonus tag enables an angler to keep one striper from 24-28 inches to take home for the table. These tags are limited and can only be used once. Individual anglers can also obtain individual bonus tags from the Division of Fish and Wildlife. If fishing with a charter captain for striped bass, it is a good idea to check with him to see if he has a supply of bonus tags available. This increases the chances of taking a fish home.

    For additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association go to the association’s website at

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