Beach Haven Captains Seek Variety

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    The fluke bite in the Beach Haven area has been on a bit of a down swing as the fish migrate from the bay waters into the ocean. As a result, the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association have been finding some alternative targets with good success.

    Captain Carl Sheppard and mate Marlyn Graham had the Bonnesen out wreck fishing on the “Starfish” for the family’s first ever fishing trip. Despite some recent days of slow fishing, that day the family had some sensational fishing. They caught a total of 60 fish, managing to box 9 black sea bass, 2 bluefish, and a nice sized porgy. The largest sea bass measured 16-inches.

    With fluke fishing in a bit of a lull, the "Irish Jig" with Captain Gary Dugan has been focusing on wreck fishing. A lot of sea bass have been coming over the rail, with a fair amount making the cooler. Now that black fish (tautog) are back in season, Captain Gary hopes to be able to put some of those monsters he has been throwing back into the fish box. He says he is ready to return to fluke fishing when things pick up in that area.

    Captain Lindsay Fuller on the “June Bug” reports his recent trips have been half and full day inshore trips. His anglers have been putting together some decent bags of bluefish and some keeper fluke along with small sea bass and a sea robin. Captain Lindsay tried a trip to the Atlantic City Reef where he picked up a dozen or so Taylor sized bluefish, all caught on #2 Clark Spoons on 25-foot leaders with a 2-ounce trolling weight to keep the spoon just under the surface. Despite his success with the bluefish up in the water column, his bottom fishing on the wreck was slow. He blames that on the number of fish pots placed on it. Captain Lindsay hopes to make some offshore trips in the near future for tuna. He added he has been using mates from the BHCFA’s Junior Mate’s program, and he has been very pleased with their performance and work ethic.

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