Beach Haven Fishing Waking Up

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    As the summer fishing season draws near, the bay and ocean waters around Long Beach Island have been providing some outstanding action on huge bluefish, schoolie striped bass, and a decent amount of black drumfish.

    The captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are geared up and ready to get in on some of this action. Actually, some of the captains have already been catching fish.

    Captain Carl Sheppard reports the “Star Fish” is in the water and has already been fishing. He is excited to have Marlyn Graham back again this year as his first mate. The last two weekends have been stormy ones, forcing Captain Carl to fish in the bay waters.

    Captain Lindsay Fuller reports the “June Bug” is in Wanchese, North Carolina, getting the last touches down on its new teak decks.

    Captain Ray Lopez is excited to have his new “Miss Liane” ready for the season. He is set to go on his new 28-foot Carolina Classic with twin diesels. With heat and air conditioning, its anglers will be comfortable in all weather conditions.

    Captain George Finck reports that the “Sparetime” is in the water and ready to fish. He has some open dates for the striper action. Captain Dave Kreines expects to have his boat, “Byte Me” in the water by early May and ready for the start of fluke season.

    Captain Gary Dugan has had anglers out on the “Irish Jig” in the area of Graveling Point at the mouth of the Mullica River. He reports sporadic luck with stripers to 28-inches and large bluefish. He made a trip to the wrecks where he had a nice catch of cod. His party also caught and released quite a few large black sea bass. All conditions are pointing to a decent fishing season.

    Captain Lindsay Fuller opines that he has been tracking the dissolution of the latest El Nino and feels it closely matches the data for the downturn of the last major El Nino that started in 1982 and ended in 1983. He adds that 1983 was the year of the best fishing he has ever had.
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