Does it Hurt that the Intrepid is not part of the "Code Group"?

Discussion in 'Intrepid' started by blue chummer, Nov 13, 2014.

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    A lot has been discussed whether the fact that the Intrepid isn't apart of the San Diego Long Range "Code Group" sometimes hurts it's fishing results and customer counts.

    As the Newest boat in the Fleet -2007- The Intrepid came on with much fan fare . For various reasons that have been often disputed , the Boat was not allowed to become part of the code group that shares fishing and condition info and has remained outside of the group 7 years later.
    Captain Kevin does communicate with the other captains however. I think most of them do share info with the Intrepid most of the time. It is those other times that a problem could arise.

    I think that a small percentage of the time not being in the code group does reflect negatively in the Intrepids Fish Counts
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    Discussion about the Intrepid brings out a lot of animated responses on this forum. It is a lightning rod. The discussion about being in the "code group" or "not in the code group"- there is something to it.
    Do the captains talk?- Sure. Would they help each other in a mechanical need or emergency?-definitely. Would they call in the Intrepid first on a good bite or hand off? - Not so sure. I think it becomes greater magnified over the shorter and mid range trips then the cow trips.
    So forget about the code group, I am sure every business can improve, and in this day and age of quick information , why not go the extra mile to do everything you can for the customer ? This can be said for all the LR boats.
    They can all improve somewhere. If a customer isn't happy, the word travels much faster than if the customer was satisfied.
    It is a tough business, But aren't all businesses tough?
    The funny thing is for some reason the Intrepid's trips are dissected more so than the other boats. I just talked to a friend today who was on another boat on a recent 10 day where both icemakers didn't work the whole trip and they didn't have showers working for 4 days. Did we see it on here? Nope. But if it happened on the Intrepid, I am sure there would of been rioting, burning the stakes and some kind of pirate mutiny for sure.
    I actually just recommended a good friend sign up for the Intrepid's March 15 day soft steel trip-which they did. Why did I do that? Because I trust some members here on this board and based on all the info, I thought the boat would be a perfect fit for that individual. I would love to ride the boat. I would love to be on the boat with Fishy and Soda in January(one of these days ). If it was a mid range trip, maybe my recommendation would of been different.

    Anyway , Just saying it as I see it- As I always do.
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    I think the Intrepid being in the code group is over rated. All the captains share information in the San Diego Fleet.

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