Hey folks- Today we slid down the coast about 120 miles to the big fish ban...

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    Hey folks-
    Today we slid down the coast about 120 miles to the big fish banks off Bahia Magdalena. We have a beautiful catch aboard already and with a day to spare we decided to swing for the fences on some big fish or some exotics. Once we crossed the edge the water turned to a beautiful blue almost purple and jumped up to 73+ degrees. We got a couple of Marlin strikes on the marauders right away and then Charlie spotted a big bird school with porpoise underneath. It looked very promising but once we caught up to them they were hard to get in and the fish we did see jumping around were the same grade we had been catching up above,. None the less,a good sign of life. We did a tour of the banks all in beautiful water but never saw more than a few small spots of small tuna jumping around. It sure looked right but with only one day to look around and being the only boat there kind of hard to tell what was really around. We could have just missed something by a couple miles or couple hours. We put in the leg work though, sometimes it pays off and other times it doesn't. We went into Mag Bay after dark to try and get a few Mackerel but the bay was cold, 62 degrees, and just carpeted in red crab. I have seen a lot of red crab through my years of working out here but this was something else. You couldn't see more than a few feet down and they were so thick on the surface you could almost walk on them! Been a weird year with lots of strange catches and it's not even officially summer yet!

    We are traveling back up to the ridge and will fish for a few hours tomorrow for tuna and Yellowtail then try and get a few Tan grouper before heading up to Cedros. Wish us luck and calm seas! The weather report is not favorable but I hope they are wrong!

    -Shogun Crew

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