Hey folks- We arrived at the lower Yellowtail grounds about 0600 this morning an...

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    Hey folks-
    We arrived at the lower Yellowtail grounds about 0600 this morning and after a quick look around plopped the anchor over and started to pick at some really nice grade Yellowtail in the 18-25 pound range. After about an hour, the pace picked up and the Yellows were chewing anything we threw at them! A few anglers got there personal best Yellowtail as a couple dozen of the fish went 33-40#! After we finished up on our Yellowtail we went offshore to see if we could find some Yellowfin tuna.

    Not far fro the bank we started to see bird life, blue water and the water temp creep over 70 degrees. After a couple tacks back and forth along the edge we stumbled on a sonar school and the tuna erupted in our chum! We had 10 fish going in the initial flurry. When we noticed how much line the fish were taking we knew these were better grade. After some long battles we started landing some of these brutes. The smaller models were 25-35# and the better grade were 45-60#! This is what we were looking for. We ended up with 35 fish out of our first stop and then had another handful right before dark, all of them better models.

    We are going to anchor back on the shallow tonight to see if we can get some White Seabass and Pargo and then pull the anchor around 3am and go back out to the tuna grounds to see if we can get back on them.

    Wish us luck! We will check back in tomorrow hopefully with a report of more biting YFT!

    -Shogun crew


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