Ma saltawater license and limits

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    What is the cost of the MA Permit?
    The annual cost for both residents and non-residents is $10.

    Who does not need a permit?
    No permit is required for:
    • Fishermen who are under 16 years of age
    • Fishermen fishing on permitted for-hire vessels
    • Fishermen who regardless of their age, otherwise meet the definition of a disabled person inM.G.L. c. 19C
    What about people 60 and older?

    People 60 and older must obtain a permit but the permit is free for these individuals (although a small fee will be charged by the vendor to process the permit through the internet).

    Do all recreational fishermen on a private vessel need to purchase a recreational fishing permit or is there a boat permit available?
    All recreational fishermen ages 16 to 59 must purchase an individual permit and those fishermen age 60 or over must obtain a free permit if not fishing aboard a permitted for-hire vessel on a charter or headboat trip. There is no permit available for a private fishing vessel or any type of family permit that covers multiple family members.

    Does my for-hire permit allow me to fish recreationally in saltwater when not involved in for-hire activity?
    Yes, it does cover you as an individual angler provided that the for-hire permit is issued in your name. You must have the for-hire permit in your possession.

    Possession limits:
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