Nov.11 The fishing was very slow for us this morning. We caught nothing. Of c...

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    The fishing was very slow for us this morning. We caught nothing. Of course that was due to us not fishing at all. We were in full travel mode trying to make our destination shortly after lunch which we did and from here on out for the foreseeable future we're fishing baby. So we were hoping to have a hit on wahoo. The last boat that was in here caught 20 or 30 in a couple days and we thought they were moving in. Maybe they were. When we got here there were two boats already trolling it up. Bad sign for wahooing. We ended up getting one on the marauder and another 4 drifting. Nice ones too. 5 lucky anglers.

    The tuna fishing was good. Not wide open. It looked really good on the machines but we could only scratch at them. It was still plenty good to start off our trip and get us going. We tagged about 4 per rod this afternoon so definitely good fishing. No yellowtail though unfortunately. We were hoping for some of that but we never saw one. So we're making a move to look for more yellowtail to go along with the tuna we're catching. We're going to do at least one more day here if not two before moseying on down to look for cows.

    The weather has been great so far. Rolly this morning with offshore wind but that straightened out. We had an action packed afternoon which is just what we needed. See you tomorrow.
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