Nov. 12 I'm not sure how to write about today because I'm not sure how I feel a...

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    Nov. 12
    I'm not sure how to write about today because I'm not sure how I feel about today. I'm definitely proud of us. We fished hard today. A lot of the boat was up before 4 trying to get a bite going and didn't let up till dark. Now that's some hardcore fishing right there.

    We started in the last weeks hot spot. Us and 2 other boats. It didn't take long for the 2 other boats to leave the zone. They were both on the latter parts of there trips and needed to head north. We stuck it out as long as we could picking one here and one there along with a bounty of skipjack but most of the passengers stuck it out and stayed at the rail. Like I said, I'm proud of them. 3 hours and 30 fish later we gave up and headed to different grounds in a direction for a boat more fresh out on there trip. After lunch we arrived and again, I'm proud of these guys. Once again we were picking one tuna here and one tuna there along with more skipjack and small dorado but once again these guys kept at it and fished hard. Well the ratio got better and better until at the end it was pretty good fishing. The grade could've been one more notch up but it is what it is and we understand that.

    We're on our way to try and make some mackerel and we'll be headed to cow town the following day. We're going to give it at least a day and give everyone on board an opportunity to catch a major cow tuna. Wish us luck.
    Drew and crew

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