Nov. 14 "Just what the doctor ordered". We had a great afternoon out here on t...

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    Nov. 14
    "Just what the doctor ordered". We had a great afternoon out here on the Polaris Supreme today. It was a slow morning but a strong afternoon. We started where we had to. For one we were there at sunrise and for two we had to keep it honest due to the previous good fishing there several days ago. It wasn't happening so we took off and arrived to the promise land after lunch. It started off with a wahoo strike that turned into a wide open tuna bite with wahoo mixed in too. We ended that drift with 14 skin and 60+ tuna. Action baby. Just what we needed after yesterday. After that we were in full wahoo mode but they were hanging with the tuna so while we would catch wahoo we"d catch tuna too. The perfect scenario until you have limits of tuna. We're not quite there yet but we're close. We opted to stay another day to finish off our tuna quota and see if we can get some more wahoo. That also gives the Rocks another days rest as well.

    The wind finally backed off today. For the past few days we had windy/choppy weather with a current going against it which adds to the choppiness and makes anchor fishing uncomfty. We handled it those days but today it was just nice. We're all stoked. Like I said, "just what the doctor ordered".
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