Nov 9 Good evening all and welcome back once again to the Polaris Supreme. Wel...

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    Nov 9
    Good evening all and welcome back once again to the Polaris Supreme. Well we're in November now and with that comes a true fall 10 day trip. We took some time off if you didn't notice. We spent 2 weeks dockside with just a little bit of boat work to do so we had some time to ourselves. I didn't follow what the other crew did too much. I was to busy with a 7 month old which by the way is getting better and better and I didn't think it could. She's hard to leave but fishing calls.

    So we're off and running. We got a full load of should be good bait and we're headed to destinations undecided at the moment. One thing we know is we'll be in full travel mode tomorrow so we'll have a relaxing day of tackle rigging and seminars. The fishing sounds pretty fair at the moment. Plenty of action on smaller grade of 10-30 pound fish in areas. There is also some wahoo to catch if your timing is good. There hasn't been sign of any big tuna in about a week now but we may be able to blame windy conditions and a very bright moon on that. Right now things are changing and for us, we hope that's a good thing.

    One last thing. It's November and I am sporting a very creepy stache right now. It's a 2 week stache and it's just not long enough to look cool yet. But I guess it's a good cause. My hero's on the LA Clippers think so anyways. I'll check back tomorrow but I dought(spell check tells me that dought is spelled wrong. Facebook the right way please} I'll have much to report it being a travel day and all.
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