Oct. 15 I forgot to mention yesterday how steamy it is down here. Steamy, like...

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    Oct. 15
    I forgot to mention yesterday how steamy it is down here. Steamy, like we're boiling a giant pot of water or something, I can't explain it. Anyways when you walk out of an air and conditioned part of the boat it's like POW! Holy Toledo! But after a little bit you get used to it and it's not that bad until you find some AC again and then come back out and it's like, POW again. Anyways, we had a little more wind this morning which helped with the kite fishing and it stayed one direction which helped with the anchor fishing. We had another decent morning. George caught another over 200 and his bud Craig joined him with a 207. The sharks weren't as ferocious this morning and this afternoon I'd have to say they weren't much of a problem at all. We really did a number on the wahoo yesterday because today we only caught a few but thankfully we had a great day on the anchor starting mid morning or after lunch, I already can't remember.

    The boxed and vacuum sealed flying fish from Florida the gang brought down really paid off today. That's mostly what I did this afternoon was rig flying fish for the kite and help gaff tuna when they needed me. For a couple hours they were hitting the baits on the kite as fast as we could put them out. Most of what we're catching is in the 100-130 pound class. The big story was Charlie this afternoon. He caught 3 bigguns. A 194, 213, and a 204. A nice afternoon for Charlie. About half the gang are already releasing anything under 200 pounds.

    For dinner we had a lovely corned beef and cabbage and potato meal. Afterwards I was waiting for the shower and i noticed all the tuna that was under the boat and I pointed it out to the chef. So he went down there and sinker rigged a sardine right on top of one of the tunas heads and he got himself a 177 pounder shattering his previous personal best of 35 pounds. Way to go Mike. Most people at the time were tying on new top shots on there reels. They all new what was going on and that they could most likely do the same but nobody did a thing. Everyone was fished out so that shows we had a good day. You just can't fish 24 hours a day.
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