Oct. 9 Good evening to everyone at home or wherever you may read this. After o...

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    Oct. 9
    Good evening to everyone at home or wherever you may read this. After one night dockside we were back to the boat this afternoon. We headed to the fuel dock and changed oil and fuel filters, filled her all the way up on fuel, grabbed some brine making salt and loaded 2 weeks worth of food. Shortly after getting back to Fishermans Landing, all our dogs got here. I'm talking about George, Craig, Charlie, the Jer-bear, the Bry man, Bernie, Scott and the infamous J.C. Infamous. That's like really famous.

    We took our time at the bait receivers to ensure we had the best that bait could offer us. We're pretty happy with it at the moment. For the next 4 days we'll be traveling to our destination of the Shamada seamount. AKA Hurricane Bank. And speaking of hurricanes, there isn't one at the moment. Lately they've just been rolling in one after another but for now, none. It's our destiny to get down below and catch very large yellowfin and wahoo. Tommy spent a bunch of money and rented a system that allows us to get on the web where ever we are which allows us too look at all our weather web sites to keep track of storms that may be an issue to us. So worry not. We won't be anywhere near a low pressure system this trip. Safe and sound out here as always.

    Anyways, it sure looked to me like everyone had a good afternoon hanging out, getting there cigar on and doing what they do. We didn't even make it through dinner before the Bry-man and the Jer-bear got on what they call Team Bernard. It's there thing to talk some smack and make fun of Scott and Bernie and it's hilarious on all sides. Here we go.

    So for the next few days we'll be getting ready for a week of some hardcore fishing. Rigging tackle, tuna and wahoo seminars, naps, movies, food, cocktails... I think the next few reports will read like this paragraph we're on now.
    Drew and crew

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