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    Captains Tommy Rothery and Drew Henderson . Our experienced and totally dedicated crew would like to offer you the opportunity to fish aboard one the newest additions to the San Diego fleet, the fabulous Polaris Supreme. At 90 feet in length with a 25 foot beam, her state of the art electronics and luxury appointments rival those of any world-class yacht. From its inception on the drawing boards, this magnificent vessel was designed solely for the express purpose of carrying select group of anglers to some of the world's most bountiful fishing spots in total comfort and safety. We have a 4000 mile range as you would expect befitting a vessel of this class. We are Coast Guard licensed and inspected annually.
    Gone are the days when fishing meant roughing it. The layout, accommodations and complement of amenities on board this pride of the long range fleet are all luxury liner quality. The unique configuration of the galley and lounge with appointments like full carpeting throughout, a rich teak interior, dual ice makers, wet bar, video and stereo with remote head phones are just a few of the touches to add to your sailing pleasure. The food we offer ranks right up there with some of the best land-based restaurants. Our specially trained chef and his assistant are constantly preparing gourmet style meals three times a day augmented by fantastic hors d'oeuvres every afternoon. And of course, if you have a special dietary requirements we can accommodate your particular needs.

    Our 12 air-conditioned staterooms are limited to two persons and on some trips it's possible to have one all to yourself. Inside you'll find reading lamps, a vanity wash basin with hot and cold water, and cedar lined closets with plenty of storage space for all your personal belongings. There are 4 heads with 3 showers and an on board water maker that delivers 840 gallons a day. 3.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 0db8826b8aacced2be9623fc44fa671b.jpg 5e42018e970e0f75adb17986eaac535b.jpg 5f0b2b2db90d71787192f19a75ca1509.jpg 6b23f7bc930f53421d99276a924d163f.jpg 8f1fabc0e53d9cfbcdceaafc0efba643.jpg 9b402b8e71b48f807ad2b7d37215ddad.jpg 063eb45be355c08a0e00aa6104759ad8.jpg 91e7935f26c1944356bf16553bfc2c6b.jpg 32677e9c46dc169f28840fa3c644e59e.jpg bd8eb53810fb95d2bf288aaff0d97100.jpg e0b11394ea78117f52d3f319d6890097.jpg f80c780a0cd47783cb74c0cf7e61c4a1.jpg salon.jpg
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