RI Saltwater License and Limits

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    Who needs a license?In order to fish recreationally for finfish in Rhode Island's marine waters, saltwater anglers and spearfishers must have:
    • A RI Recreational Saltwater Fishing License, or
    • A National Saltwater Angler Registration, or
    • A recreational saltwater fishing license from a reciprocal state. Rhode Island honors recreational saltwater fishing licenses from New York, Connecticut, Massachusets, and Maine.
    Where can I get a RI license?

    Licenses areavailable online, via this website. Licenses are also be available fromparticipating vendors throughout the State, including several bait and tackle shops.

    Where can I get a federal registration?

    Go towww.countmyfish.noaa.gov, or call 888-674-7411.

    What is the cost of the RI license? What is the cost of the federal registration?

    The cost of a yearly RI license is $7 for Rhode Island residents, and $10 for non-residents. A temporary seven-day RI license is available, for both residents and non-residents, for $5. Those fees are set by state law, and are not subject to change.

    The federal registration is $15 annually.

    What about seniors and active military personnel?

    RI residents who are over the age of 65, or active military personnel stationed in RI, must obtain licenses (or be registered federally), but the RI license is free for these groups.

    Who does not need a license?

    No license or federal registration is required for:
    • Anglers who are under 16 years of age
    • Anglers fishing on licensed party or charter boats
    • Anglers who hold Highly Migratory Species Angling Permits
    • Anglers who are on leave from active military duty
    • Anglers who are blind or permanently disabled

    Rhode Island size and limits:
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