The modern "what to bring" guide long range fishing 12+ day trips

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    Nothing gets me more excited than fishing on the Long Range 12+ day trips where the primary goals are trophy yellow fin tuna and wahoo. The whole process from booking the trip and waiting for your trip date is often filled with much excitement and anticipation. To occupy some of that down time(which may be months ) many anglers will get their tackle situated and ready and maybe add a rod or two to their arsenal. As the departure date nears , the anticipation often intensifies to a state of where you feel like you are a kid waiting to open presents on Christmas morning. It is an great addictive feeling . You go over your tackle , pack and repack –making sure that you have everything. Then it is time for your trip….

    If you do not have a lot of tackle or may be missing a setup to fill a void, the good news is the Long Range fleet will rent you out very high quality setups at a minimal price. You will just need to pay for line, leaders, hooks, etc.

    If you like to collect Tackle(a very expensive hobby) then I will go over a perfect arsenal for the Long range fisherman and bringing this up to modern times, I will be adding a few Jigging and Popping setups that many traditional Long Range fisherman do not have. Also a lot of the fishing equipment now used on these trips wasn’t even seen 10 years ago. Keep that in mind. Much like tennis racquets or golf clubs, fishing tackle is always improving and while the “old stuff” will still catch fish- the new stuff will make that a stronger possibility.

    Fishing on these extended trips requires more specialized tackle compared to the shorter and medium range trips where often similar tackle can be utilized . On the Long Range trips that fish over 1000 miles from San Diego , you will use some of that medium sized tackle primarily for wahoo fishing, bait catching and maybe a “break up the trip” stop on the way back. Much of the tackle used will be geared for the larger Yellowfin’s that average over 100lbs and frequently push Cow status(200lbs) and maybe a shot at a Super cow(300lbs) or potential World Record Fish(445lbs).

    The one thing I want to state more than anything is that your gear must be in tip top shape and your connections must be perfect as the big tuna will often find any kinks in your tackle’s armor. Any flaw is fatal in cow fishing.

    With that said here is what I would consider a perfect quiver for that Super Long Range trip:

    I have Updated my List since Last year , every year it seems to be expanding :)

    You will need 6 primary must have setups:

    1. 130-150# Big bait rig
    Rod- 6.5--7.5’ xxxh rated rod (Uc Invictus/calstar ,seeker, Phenix)
    Reel- 50w sized 2 speed filled with 130-150# hollow braid with room for a 25-50 yd leader top shot of 130-200# flouro/mono

    2. 100-130# bait rig/iron yo-yo rig
    Rod- 6.5-7.5’ xxh rated rod(UC Invictus/Viper calstar ,seeker,phenix)
    Reel –50 size or large 30 size(Okuma Makaira sea) 2 speed filled with 130# hollow braid and room for a 25-50 yd top shot of 100/130#fluoro /mono

    3. 100 lb Bait rod
    Rod- 6.5-7.5’ xxh rated rod(UC Viper calstar,seeker,phenix)
    Reel- 30 size or large 20 size(Okuma Makaira sea) 2 speed filled with 100# hollow braid and room for a 25-50 yd top shot of 100#fluoro /mono

    4. 50# set up for wahoo jigs/bombs
    Rod- 7-7.5’ 40-100 lb rated rod
    Reel-2 speed in a 500 size filled 75% with 65# braid and 100 yard of 50# mono topshot.

    5. 40 # set up for wahoo bait fishing and or bait making
    Rod- 7-7.5’ 30-80 lb rated rod
    Reel –Single or 2 speed filled filled 75% with 65# braid and a 75-100 yard 40# mono topshot.

    6.80lb finesse bait fishing
    Rod-6.5-7.5’ 50-130 lb rated rod XH or XXH / UC viper
    Reel –Okuma Makaira 16 size/Penn VISX 16 2 speed filled with 80-100# braid -with room for 50 yards 80# mono or fluoro

    The extra setups:
    I do a lot of Popping and Jigging so my list includes many of these type setups that many will not have/use or need. But if you ever get the urge.....

    13 other setups:

    1- 150# designated Kite rig

    Rod- 6.5--7.5’ xxxh or xxxxh rated rod (UC Invictus ,calstar ,seeker, phenix)
    Reel- 50w-80w sized 2 speed filled with 130-150# braid with room for a 25-50 yd leader top shot of 200# mono

    2. 100-130# chunking rig
    Rod- 6.5-7.5’ xxh rated rod(UC Invictus/Viper, calstar ,seeker,phenix)
    Reel –50 size or large 30 size(Okuma Makaira sea) 2 speed filled with 130# hollow braid and room for a 25-50 yd top shot of 100/130#fluoro /mono

    3. 100 lb Bait rod (duplicate for quick rod changes in good bites)
    Rod- 6.5-7.5’ xxh rated rod(UC Viper,calstar,seeker,phenix)
    Reel- 30 size or large 20 size(Okuma Makaira sea) 2 speed filled with 100# hollow braid and room for a 25-50 yd top shot of 100#fluoro /mono

    4.60 lb Super "Hail Mary" Bait rod( for pro's only) **fish at your own risk **
    Rod- 7-7.5" UC raptor/Viper/calstar XH or XXH
    Reel - 2 speed Okuma Mak 15/16 or VISX 12 filled with 80 lb braid with 15 ft pink yozuri #60 lb leader

    5. (X2) 50# set up for wahoo jigs/bombs (duplicate for quick rod/lure changes)
    Rod- 7-7.5’ 40-100 lb rated rod
    Reel-2 speed in a 500 size filled 75% with 65# braid and 100 yard of 50# mono topshot.

    6 . Wahoo Spinning setup
    casting lures and wahoo bombs
    Rod 8-8.5’ 40-80lb rated spinning popping rod
    Reel – A quality ,size 8-18k spinning reel (Shimano Stella or Diawa dogfight) filled with 65-80# braid

    7 .(X2)Popping and Stickbait setup for Big Tuna
    Casting top water poppers/stickbaits/RONZ
    Rod-7-7.5’ 80-130 lb rated Quality popping rod i.e. Black Hole, Synit , Race point ETC...
    Reel- Shimano Stella/Diawa Dogfight 18k-30k filled with 100 lb braid(hollow or solid)

    8. Conventional Jigging setup for Big Tuna
    Rod- 5-6’ conventional or acid wrapped 350-550 gram rated rod i.e. Black Hole, Synit , Race point ETC...
    Reel- PE 8-10 size one speed reel filled with 100-130 lb braid (hollow or solid)

    9. Spinning Jigging for big tuna
    Rod- 5-6’ 350-550 gram spinning rod i.e. Black Hole, Synit , Race point ETC...
    Reel- Shimano Stella/Dogfight 18-30k size filled with 100lb

    10. Dedicated Trolling rod
    Rod 6-7’ 80-130 lb rated rod guides or rollers
    Reel- 50 size 2 speed filled with 100lb braid with 50-100 yard mono topshot

    11. 30lb rig Bait catching
    Rod- 7-8’ 20-50 lb rated rod
    Reel single or 2 speed filled with 75% 65#braid and 75-100 yd top shot of 30# mono


    Leaders- The general rule is you will need 1 fluoro leader per bait fishing rod per day of fishing.
    On a 15 day trip with 7 days of fishing and 3 primary bait rods- you should have 7 x3= 21 fluoro leaders.

    Bring Fluorocarbon leader material of 60,80lb,100lb,130lb,150lb,200lb (seaguar premier, yozuri ,blackwater) in order to make top shots, chunking rigs and kite rigs for tuna as well as leaders for wahoo

    60 lb ,80 lb and 100 lb yozuri pink fluoro 1 spool each- for day bite.

    Mono- Bring 100 yards of 100,130 ,150 and 200# mono for making leaders

    Wire- Bring assorted titanium wire in 30-60# in order to make some wahoo bait rigs.

    Crimping material-
    Mono sleeves- 1.6mm (150lb) -50
    1.9mm (200lb) 50
    Wire sleeves – Size a-2 or a-3 -50
    1/0 ,3/0 ,4/0,5/0 black barrel swivels -10 each
    Chaffe guard- enough to make 50 leaders.
    Asst heavy duty owner welded rings and split rings size 7-10 25 each
    Quality crimping pliers and split ring pliers.

    I prefer owner ringed super mutu circle hooks for sardine and small/medium mackerel bait fishing
    5/0- 20
    7/0- 20

    For large baits , chunking and kite:
    Owner super mutu
    8/0 -10

    Mustad 7691
    7/0 -10
    9/0- 10
    11/0 -10
    12/0 -10

    Mustad 7699d Big baits
    14/0 -10
    16/0 -5

    Mustad 39960D Circle Hooks
    20/0 -10 (flying fish kite baits)

    Wahoo hooks-
    mustad 94150
    2/0 -20
    3/0 - 20

    (6)Salas 6x or 6x jrs(or similar)
    (12) butterfly or flat fall type jigs with glow 250-350g
    (12) wahoo lures -catchy tackle 33 , raider 200g
    (12)wahoo bombs - Capt Jimmy non wired(use 130-150 lb flouro) Dorado Green and halloween Orange
    (6) PL68 or JRI 8 type heavy glow jigs
    Use single hooks heavy class all lures.

    Poppers and stick baits(for Popper guy)-
    (3) 2.5 oz to 5.0 oz small to medium size poppers
    (3) larger size poppers
    (6) assorted swimbaits such as Smith Baby Rumboh, Tackle House Shibuki, Siren,Strategic Angler, Shimano Orca ,etc.
    Assorted owner stinger ST-56,ST-66 , ST-76 treble hooks for all popper ,swimmer lures(match the size of the lure for proper lure action)
    (6) 10 in Ronz Big Game - 3 heads and at least 6 tails (Silver and Blue)

    Flying fish lures
    (6)Large yummy or Maguaro flyers ( 9 inch blue or blue glow)

    Trolling Lures-

    (3) Marauder type lures for wahoo medium to large size (1 orange/black ,1 purple,1 pink)

    Torpedo Sinkers in, 4oz, 6oz, 8oz,12 oz and 16oz -6 each but 12 of the 16oz
    Assorted Sliding egg sinkers in 1/2-4oz

    Bait Making rigs:
    (2) four hook size 4 sabiki style rigs
    (4) 2 hook size 1/0 or 2/0 sabiki rigs

    Tackle Box- quality tackle box(s) to hold all your tackle

    Clothing and Gear:

    Don’t forget your passport!

    •Duffle Bags-for clothes and storage Bring 2 garbage bags for dirty clothes
    •Foot Wear- Short boots are best. They will keep your feet dry. Sneakers or Flip Flops when not fishing,bring 2 pairs
    •Sun Glasses- Polarized to cut the glare. A neck strap is recommended to keep from losing over board -2 pairs
    •Toiletries- Bath towels, shampoo, soap, razor, toothbrush/toothpaste, etc.
    •Sun Protection- Sunscreen: Water proof and broad spectrum type, Hat(s) preferably any wide brim hat or foreign legion/sunbuster style. Some prefer baseball caps.
    •Fishing and Deck Items- Cross cutting pliers (dykes), needle nose pliers and or duck bill pliers. Quality crimper and split ring plier .Rubber gloves and a hay hook. These will help you at the dock in handling your catch.
    •Rod Belts –Large size kidney belt and Harness (for stand up style and spinning rods)
    •Phone &Camera -for pictures, email( wifi available)
    •Entertainment- Laptop , Books , tablets ,Ipad, cards, dvd’s
    •Sea Sickness and Personal Medications -don't forget to bring sea sickness remedies no matter how much an old salt you are!
    •Clothing:◦Pants- Bring a change for each day. Light material is best.
    ◦Shirts- You may need 1 or 2 each day. If you are sun sensitive, long sleeves are recommended. Light fabric for quick drying and coolness in warm weather. Sweatshirts are handy for nights and cool weather. On a 15 day I bring about 18 tshirts as well as 6 or 7 long sleeve shirts
    -Deck Chair
    -any personal beverages, snacks or smoking –bring some to share too!
    ◦Hats- bring 2 as you may lose one
    ◦Socks- At least 1 pair per day.
    ◦Shorts- Quality fishing shorts such as Pelagic, Fishworks, Aftco etc
    ◦Underwear –optional- Not!
    ◦Outerwear-2 Jacket and at least 1 sweatshirt as well as light rain gear





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