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    Lee Palm Sportfishers has been running long range sportfishing adventures for nearly forty years. Our current vessel the RED ROOSTER III is the fifth in a line of succession. During this time we have learned a lot about the fishing grounds and what it takes to successfully run long range fishing adventures. You can be assured that every bit of experience accumulated will be used to make your trip an adventure in sportfishing to be remembered with pleasure for many years to come.

    When you fish aboard the RED ROOSTER III you will be fishing in style. She is a custom aluminum yacht built exclusively for long range sportfishing. Designed with the fisherman in mind, her 105 feet of fishing luxury combines speed and ability with extreme comfort. The RED ROOSTER III features sixteen private air conditioned staterooms with hot and cold water wash basins. Each stateroom is fully carpeted, with plenty of storage and large comfortable berths. There are reading lights in every berth, electrical outlets for your convenience and large mirrors above each wash basin.

    The spacious main salon and galley area of the RED ROOSTER III is the hub of activity where you can relax and discuss the days catch with your fellow fisherman. In the lounge you will enjoy the large oval couch and wet bar with two ice makers. Music maybe piped throughout the boat and video movies are shown in the galley area. There are a variety of VCR tapes to choose from aboard, if you have a favorite you would like to share please feel free to bring it. For a feeling of true luxury, you will enjoy the teak, stylish fabrics, and carpet throughout the interior. For your convenience there are five heads and five fresh hot water showers aboard.

    On deck, the RED ROOSTER III shows she is a sportfishing yacht with a mission in mind. There is a tremendous amount of fishing and rail space. The large refrigerated fish holds will carry your catch "first day fresh" back to San Diego. A large four compartment bait tank on the stern and two slammer's below deck will take care of your live bait needs. If you feel like kicking back and relaxing in the fresh sea breeze you will no doubt be heading for the spacious sun deck.

    In the RED ROOSTER III's large engine room there are three Lugger/Komatsu main engines with Twin Dics model reduction gears that give her a total of over 2000 horsepower at the propellers. There are two John Dere 4045T ultra-guiet 4-stroke diesels turning 75 K.W. Marathon A.C. generator sets. Two A.M.F. water-makers keep her four-thousand gallon fresh water tanks full for all your needs. This along with the vast array of brine, bait, bilge, fuel and fire pumps make safety at sea an easy task. Three fuel tanks with a capacity of eighteen-thousand, combined with her extremely economical powerplants, will allow the RED ROOSTER III to travel from San Diego to the Hawaiian Islands and back on one fueling.

    On the bridge of the RED ROOSTER III contains enough cutting-edge electronics to stagger the mind. Including a computerized color enhanced omni-directional scanning sonar with additional standby color directional sonar. Two Global Positioning Satellite "G.P.S." navigation systems. One with an integral video display which can pinpoint the RED ROOSTER III's location within a few feet and display this information on an electronic chart on the ship's main bridge, allowing unparalleled to the hottest fishing spots every time.A computerized infra-red satellite imaging system scans world wide to displays weather patterns, sea temperatures and current breaks on a color monitor. The RED ROOSTER III has a Furuno 64 mile radar with plotter that synchronizes with the G.P.S. to give pin point location on a navigational chart at the push of a button, very high tech. The Rooster also carries a 48 nautical mile "short range" radar as backup.

    Other electronics include two digital synthesized single side band radios, weatherfax, a ham radio outfit, two multi-channel scanning V.H.F. radios with directional finding capability, Sperry auto-pilot, watch-alert, three fathometers and programmable depth alarm. Add to this list miscellaneous equipment such as intercom, sea-water temperature indicator, a 40 channel C.B. and an extensive bank of monitoring equipment and warning alarms. One of the most impressive things about all this equipment is that it is organized in a extremely "user friendly" manner, which gives RED ROOSTER III the ability to do her job quite efficiently. For your convenience a satellite phone is available. This enables access to family and business as easily as if you were home.

    The RED ROOSTER III is inspected and licensed annually by both the American Bureau of Shipping and the U.S. Coast Guard for her exceptional water-tight integrity, stability, and safety. You simply cannot find a better vessel.
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