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    Welcome to our Blue Chum-Salt Water Fishing World !
    We have many great goals and visions that lie dead ahead!

    First let's begin with a famous quote:
    "Rome wasn't created in a day"

    This is a very new forum and will be evolving and growing in order to reach our goal of becoming a place for the Salt Water angler to freely discuss, learn, dream and live their passion. Many say to start forum topics small on a new forum because the site will appear empty. We are taking the opposite approach and are utilizing a "build it and they will find us " mentality.

    First I would like to answer some questions:

    Is this forum Saltwater Only?

    Yes. There won't be any freshwater reports on this website. They are banned :) Well- Maybe some brackish water for those fish types that like to go "Both Ways". Now I like fresh water fishing too ,(there are tons of sites for that type of fishing)but our focus is on our favorite pastime- Salt Water Fishing!

    How did this New Forum Start?

    Okay , it was never easy for me, I was born a poor ,............... :)

    Well not quite, but when I had to give blood when I was young, the doctor said I only have salt water in my veins .

    I am originally from NJ. Since a little kid I have fished Salt Water and when I first learned to catch Fluke and Bluefish , I was instantly hooked. When I was 14, I bought a used 16 ft runabout with a 55 evinrude on it and cruised around Raritan Bay and sometimes around the "hook" into the Atlantic increasing my love of the sport. I soon developed a love for Surf fishing for Striped Bass while devoting many sleeping hours to this endeavor. I worked for a few summers as a mate on a Party Boat from Atlantic Highlands-The Sea Fox(Though I must admit I didn't really enjoy this job too well). As life came and went, I eventually found myself on the left coast where I found a renewed love for fishing from the great San Diego Fleet which eventually morphed into a love for "throwing artificials" at all species , all over.

    Over the Years, as I desired information about my true passion-Salt Water Fishing, I have come across and used many sites and forums. What I have found is this:

    • Some I "like" and use a lot.
    • Some are ok and I use a little
    • Some are not well organized and structuredMost are not Salt Water specific but some are location specific
    • Many have tight censorship (you cant say anything bad about sport boats/charter/tackle makers/sponsors or divulge exact fishing locations !)
    • Some are in for the $$ and not for the Love of Fishing

    I understand that most forums have to earn a living and that isn't a problem. It's the free speech restrictions, upsell and "secret" stuff that has me in a fluster sometimes.
    So without any more babbling ,here are some of our goals:

    • A forum for Uncensored reviews and discussions of all things related to Salt water fishing-whether it's Party boats ,Charter Boats, Tackle makers or even a country's fishing laws.
    • A forum to freely discuss fishing locations and techniques with the goal of helping others
    • Great weather info with Free SST charts/Chlorophyll /Fishing locations(coming soon!)
    • Review and guides to all Sport boat/Party/Charter boat fleet with a rating system(coming soon!)
    • Up to the minute reports from the fleets via News feeds and live reports(no more having to go to ten sites to get current info)
    • Cutting edge Classifieds to buy, sell or trade Tackle, Boats etc. (coming soon!)
    • Learn from our Community and adapt to what the community wants and needs.
    • Have fun here and live and share our passion of Salt Water Fishing together!
    Of course when we say "uncensored" we don't mean that you can say anything about anyone because you feel like it or it could be considered slanderous in nature. We just ask for you to give honest reviews and reports.

    As with all websites and forums there will be some rough waters and growing pains but as long as we have that goal ahead of us we will strive to be the best we can be.

    Keep in mind for our community our goals are for you guys to get good ,free, solid,info and have FUN. Lets keep everything light and maybe not get too worked up over some Fishing threads or opinions.
    There is more in life to worry about than what some one said about you on a fishing website :cocktail:

    Please feel free to offer suggestions to us so we can make the site more enjoyable for you!

    thank you,
    Now stop Wishin' and go Fishin' !

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    Yes...let's go fishing!
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