Beach Haven Survives Dorian

Jim Hutchinson Sr.

Fresh Chum
Like the rest of New Jersey, the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association were pleased to see Hurricane Dorian veer out to sea.

As a precaution, boats were fastened securely with ample dock lines to accommodate forecasted high tides. Belongings were secured or removed for safety. The captains took no chances.

During part of these precautions, Captains Carl Sheppard and Tom Masterson were moving Captain Carl’s boat, “Starfish,” to a floating dock at Morrison’s Marina in Beach Haven. While they were securing the lines, one of the dock attendants was walking down the dock towards them. He apparently suffered some medical distress and passed out, falling into the water.

The two captains removed him from the water onto the dock where they administered immediate first aid while 911 was called. The victim was soon on his way to the hospital where initial reports indicate he is fine.

It has been said " luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” The preparation was the many years of first aid and CPR training the BHCFA captains and mates receive. Fortunately, two of these two prepared individuals were in the right spot at the right time.

The BHCFA received great news this week when it was announced its artificial reef rebuilding program will be the financial recipients of the 23rd annual Sea Shell Striped Bass Derby. The three-day, all boat contest has managed to contribute nearly $400,000 to local nonprofit organizations and campaigns over the years. Tom Hughes, owner of the Sea Shell Club, selected the reef effort, noting its importance to the entire community of Beach Haven.

It is estimated that some $100,000 will be needed to begin the rebuilding effort on the local reefs, and the proceeds from the Derby will be a huge shot in the arm to the efforts.

Captain John Lewis, president of the BHCFA, was quick to praise the efforts of the Junior Mates, the BHCFA captains, and others who have been quick to help the reef efforts. He had special words for former junior mate, Nick Perello, who is now an associate member of the BHCFA and soon to be captain member.

“Nick Perello had much to do with organizing fund-raising efforts and getting the Sea Shell behind the efforts. We could not have gotten this far without his hard work and dedication to the Reef Project and to the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association.”

Captain Nick recently had the “Pension Plan” offshore for a couple of trips. After trolling the Cigar with little luck. He pot-hopped for several mahi and trolled again, picking up a pair of 35-pound wahoo. Another trip resulted in raising four white marlin, all of which were brought to the boat. Aboard were BHCFA members Craig, Liane, Max, and 13-year-old Kevin.

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