Flat fall Jig rigging for big tuna

blue chummer

Chief Chummer
Cut the hooks off and split ring as soon as you get them...

This setup will:
1- Increase hook up ratio
2- prevent line twist
3- get more hookups on the retrieve
4- less casualties
5- no retying when changing lures ( you will need good split ring pliers)
6-works with all butterfly jigs

Ultimate Flat Fall /Butterfly Jig Rigging for Larger Tuna:
Ditch the stock Hooks as they suck!

replace with single Owner Monster assist hook 7/0-10/0 and owner 10 split ring and quick rigs sea buoy welded swivel for easy lure changes without retying... attach to 6-10 ft fluoro leader 100-130 lb test = more bites (especially on the retrieve and less casualties)

flat fall 2.png
flat fall.png