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The Happy New Year Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report

The New Year has arrived. Once again, I hope it is a wonderful year for all of you.

I have not yet heard of a shad being caught from the St. Johns River this winter.

On Monday Englishman Anton Faith joined me for a day's fishing on the Mosquito Lagoon. We used a canoe. Anton had never been redfishing before. He'd only been fishing anywhere once before, and I wanted him to have a good day.

We found a hole full of redfish. Fishing was pretty solid, using dead shrimp and DOA Shrimp as bait. How solid? Probably the best day in the last five years solid. Good work, Anton!

Tuesday Jared and Natbug Cook from Whale Pass, Alaska joined me for a day on Mosquito Lagoon in the Mitzi. They brought Alaska-like weather with them. The day started off cloudy and windy and got worse, as a cold front passed over us. It got windier, the temperature dropped five or six degrees, and it started raining. We got a couple small trout, a couple small redfish, and a beautiful, fat puffer, all on DOA CAL Shad. Not great, but it beat getting skunked.

Sheets of rain on Wednesday kept me from going out.

New Year's Day Sam Evans and his grandson Marco joined me for a half day of redfishing, again on Mosquito Lagoon. The sky was covered with clouds, and the water temperature had been dropping for three days. We caught a number of short trout, but in six different spots we did not see a single redfish. The boat was on the trailer at 1230.

That, my friends, is the Happy New Year Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski

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