Seychelles Fishing Trip 2019 - 2020! Who's in?

Guillaume Benoit

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Hey Guys,

A quick update about our last fishing trips in the Seychelles!

Season is other and we are starting to plan the next one.

Bookings are now open from October 2019 to April 2020.

We are looking for serious guys who want to organise big expeditions to the Amirantes, Coetivy, Alphonse ...

Heavy lines PE10 for popping and PE8 minimum for jigging ...

With industrial being strictly forbidden, a number of species have flourished quietly. Fishing in the Seychelles is a unique occasion to discover totally virgin territories.

We are always filming so you guys can judge the quality of the fishing by yourself

I hope you gonna enjoy -> Jigging & Popping Seychelles!

Quick Fishing Video :

Presentation of Our Main Fishing Boat :

If you are looking to join our team for the next upcoming season, we will be glad to assist you.

Contact of the team for working on our next fishing expedition -> [email protected]

Instagram ->

Youtube ->

Website ->
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blue chummer

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a Trip to the Seychelles looks awesome...
Popper and jigging..
Bucket list for sure.
thanks for posting!